Definition of stall-feed in English:



[with object]
  • Feed and keep (an animal) in a stall, especially in order to fatten it.

    • ‘M. Bertin is an enemy to stall-feeding, which, he says, is not practised in his arrondissement.’
    • ‘Some local governments are requiring stall-feeding of livestock with forage gathered by hand, hoping that this confinement measure will permit grasslands to recover.’
    • ‘Some have objected that the animal fats may be destroyed by stall-feeding of the animal themselves… However, let the battle be fought out where no stall-feeding is in question, as in the case of sheep.’
    • ‘At the end of 125 days feeding trial, six days conventional digestibility trial was conducted for stall-fed calves.’
    • ‘One solution to forest and pasture land overexploitation is to completely stop open grazing and shift to stall-feeding.’
    • ‘The great meat manufactory has passed from the range, and is now in the hands of the farmer, who stall-feeds his cattle on the cultivated roots and grains of the ranches.’
    • ‘The cows are purely pasture-fed and not stall-fed.’
    • ‘In short, any eventuality that might render all the animals, or part thereof, stall-fed is bound to make the obligation of zakat tax redundant.’
    • ‘All of them advocated stall-feeding of the goat and 60% of them declared it as economical.’
    • ‘There is enough room left for a stall-fed cow and a few pigs, which he feeds with thinnings from his vegetable beds.’
    • ‘No one in his senses now stall-feeds cattle in the Irish Free State with any expectation of profit from this transaction in itself.’
    • ‘If goats are stall-fed, bring them a wide variety of branches, clean weeds, and fruit/vegetable trimmings.’
    • ‘To synchronize the conservation and the livestock development work, villagers are encouraged to carry out stall-feeding throughout the year.’