Definition of stalkery in English:



  • Characterized by or displaying an obsessive and inappropriate or unwelcome interest in someone.

    ‘her last boyfriend had become rather needy, and went a tad stalkery when she broke up with him’
    • ‘He gave me the "I know you know me" look and I turned back to face the counter, not having a single thing to say to him that wouldn't sound stalkery.’
    • ‘"You're going to be my best friend," vows her future husband, not at all stalkery.’
    • ‘It doesn't make any difference to me but it seems a bit stalkery for you to bring this up.’
    • ‘That can be really sweet and totally normal, as long as the gift goes through the proper channels and isn't accompanied by a stalkery note.’
    • ‘This all seems rather stalkery and vengeful.’
    • ‘Blake unequivocally lays his feelings on the table but manages to do so without seeming the slightest bit stalkery.’
    • ‘And that's not even getting into his weird, stalkery, very bossy relationship he has with Bella, a moron girl who got a crush on the coolest dude in her school, then married him.’
    • ‘Betsy does agree to go on two dates with the stalkery driver, but Travis still hasn't adjusted to life after Vietnam.’
    • ‘The lyrics are hilarious, as she sings/raps about being the most attentive, involved, stalkery girlfriend ever.’
    • ‘Lloyd finally "won" the girl back, because his annoying, stalkery antics helped prove he deserved his prize.’