Definition of stalkerish in English:



  • Characterized by or displaying an obsessive and inappropriate or unwelcome interest in someone.

    ‘we all know that there are some stalkerish fans out there’
    ‘at the risk of sounding slightly stalkerish, have you ever wondered what certain celebrities look like while they're sleeping?’
    • ‘At the end of the day, she wanted more, and it got a bit uncomfortable to the point it got stalkerish.’
    • ‘Nothing illegal or stalkerish, you understand, but being a journalist means the nosiness gene is present and correct.’
    • ‘As hot as he is and as lovely as the pictures are, its rather stalkerish to follow a man and his kids to take pictures I think?’
    • ‘They all agreed she was a little psycho stalkerish.’
    • ‘It all sounds a bit stalkerish, but I assure you it's above board - there aren't any cameras sending a video feed back to big brother.’
    • ‘I love the ladies' points of view here and I'll admit to being slightly stalkerish.’
    • ‘He took on an overbearing and even stalkerish demeanor and she confronted him saying there would be no more interaction.’
    • ‘He's possibly getting a little creepy, a little stalkerish.’
    • ‘He later claimed that she made up a bunch of stories, that she became stalkerish, faked a pregnancy and became crazy.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Hannah is dealing with an increasingly stalkerish Adam.’
    • ‘If we did all suddenly boycott social media, we'd lose that online stalkerish behaviour of watching what everyone else does and would gain so much more.’