Definition of stalker in English:



  • 1A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

    ‘Tracy claimed she was the victim of a stalker’
    ‘an anonymous stalker sent her hate mail’
    • ‘A walk-in advice centre for stalkers opened yesterday, offering help to those who wish to stop harassing their victims.’
    • ‘She is always fetching, and quiet unnerving as the silent stalker.’
    • ‘A dubiously videotaped confession by her alleged stalker was voluntarily pulled by prosecutors as direct evidence.’
    • ‘She is a sick, twisted stalker.’
    • ‘The Internet has now allowed millions of people to become stalkers from the comfort of their homes.’
    • ‘When the script begins to reveal the whys and hows of the stalker's origin, things start to unravel.’
    • ‘The stalker, the voice on the line, is dying of cancer.’
    • ‘She says it's based on a real stalker who pursued her in much the same way.’
    • ‘Try as he might, he can't shake his stalker.’
    • ‘In these movies, the stalker is fundamentally interested in disrupting the happy family.’
  • 2A person who hunts game stealthily.

    ‘a keen fisherman and deer stalker’
    ‘a stalker of moose’
    • ‘About 20 per cent of stalkers, I believe, have dogs.’
    • ‘The recreational stalker has much more time on his side and will therefore take great care to shoot the deer humanely.’
    • ‘We have heard that Scottish stalkers are suggesting that even 2 per cent is actually an extraordinarily high injury rate.’
    • ‘Many moviegoers remember him for his role as a shark stalker in Jaws.’
    • ‘The tracker must stick to the trail, regardless of wind, sun, or shadow, but the stalker can utilize as many buffers as possible.’
    • ‘Two of these techniques involved game stalkers.’
    • ‘The experts who looked at the data came to the conclusion that the estimates originally provided by the stalkers were reliable.’
    • ‘A professional stalker in the main is shooting a large number of deer in a very short period over the winter.’
    • ‘It would seem that efforts to train stalkers to high standards have been successful, and I would agree with that conclusion.’
    • ‘Failing signs of life, the bass stalker probes each promising spot.’