Definition of Stakhanovism in English:


Pronunciation /stəˈkanəvɪz(ə)m//stəˈkɑːnəvɪz(ə)m/


  • See Stakhanovite

    • ‘The real appeal of Stakhanovism was clearly a material one, for exceptionally high wages and special privileges rewarded workers who exceeded the established production norms.’
    • ‘The authors’ analysis suggests that Stakhanovism had no overall impact on economic development, for good or ill.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Stakhanovism emerged as a movement based on the virtues of working really hard for really long hours, in exchange for the satisfaction of doing so.’
    • ‘Being driven by Stakhanovism - an economics psychology and morale of work motivation - Russia drew closer and closer to Stalin's aspirations.’
    • ‘One local hero was Aleksei Stakhanov, the Torez miner who became an icon of socialist-realist propaganda in the 1930s and lives on in the concept of production speed-ups known as Stakhanovism.’