Definition of stakeholder pension in English:

stakeholder pension


  • (in the UK) a pension plan, intended primarily for those who do not belong to a company pension scheme or who are self-employed, which invests the money a person saves and uses the fund on retirement to buy a pension from a pension provider.

    • ‘The 27-year-old opted out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme, for a stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘As there are no age limits on stakeholder pension plans, a new born baby can have a stakeholder pension taken out in their name and reap the benefits of 22% tax relief from the Government.’
    • ‘There have been a spate of articles suggesting that the perfect Christmas gift for a child is a stakeholder pension - starting them on the road to a comfortable retirement before they've lost their first set of teeth.’
    • ‘However, the stakeholder pension, introduced in April 2001, has so far met with a lukewarm response from consumers.’
    • ‘You could reduce your taxable income by paying more into a company, personal or stakeholder pension, through one-off or regular contributions.’
    • ‘If you contract-out, you give up your State Second Pension entitlement and instead build up a replacement for it in your own private pension arrangement, such as a stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘I have both an occupational pension as well as a stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘Any person who qualifies to take out a stakeholder pension or personal pension can invest up to £3,600 a year gross (£2,808 net of basic rate tax).’
    • ‘The stakeholder pension, due out shortly, has failed to appeal to the low earners for whom it was intended.’
    • ‘If you have a money purchase scheme or stakeholder pension, the provider normally only provides details of your total pension pot, although most should provide a projection.’
    • ‘The government's latest initiative to encourage workers to save is the stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘Unlike unit or investment trust savings schemes, where the children could get at the money when they reach 18, money invested in a stakeholder pension is not accessible until the child reaches the age of 50.’
    • ‘The products, which will also include the Child Trust Fund and existing stakeholder pension, follow a review by Ron Sandler into medium and long-term savings in the UK.’
    • ‘An alternative for workers in a final salary scheme would be for the employer's contribution to be paid into an additional voluntary contribution scheme or a stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘Those without access to a company scheme should consider a stakeholder pension if they are within the earnings limit or a conventional personal pension if not.’
    • ‘Like other pension plans, the money paid into a stakeholder pension will be invested in items such as stocks and shares, bonds and cash savings accounts.’
    • ‘Your parents can pay up to £2,808 each year into a stakeholder pension for you and the taxman will top it up to £3,600.’
    • ‘A stakeholder pension isn't allowed to charge more than 1% of your pension fund in fees each year.’
    • ‘You will need to make your own pension arrangements, which may take the form of additional voluntary National Insurance contributions, a stakeholder pension or some other personal pension plan.’
    • ‘If you are worried about inheritance tax it is worth noting that you are allowed to give away up to £3,000 a year - just enough to fund a stakeholder pension.’


stakeholder pension

/ˈsteɪkhəʊldə pɛnʃn/