Definition of stake boat in English:

stake boat


  • An anchored boat used to mark the course for a boat race.

    • ‘There is a stagger in favour of the surrey stake boat at the start.’
    • ‘The stake boat reports that the wind has shifted again to 51 degrees but it is 20 degrees at our location.’
    • ‘The boats started from the cove, and the Saint John crew rowed up the stream to the stake boats, which they rounded, and returned to the starting-point, making the race a distance of six miles.’
    • ‘I got a chance to play stake boat for the Open Ocean Regatta run by the Open Water Rowing Center in Sausalito.’
    • ‘On the stake boats and quickly the race was underway.’
    • ‘Crews should be in their lanes and, for 2000 meter races, locked onto the stake boat two minutes before the start of their race.’
    • ‘A person in the stake boats holds each of the six boats lined up.’
    • ‘There were two stake boats anchored off the Bath Park Hotel, a fifth of a mile apart, and the course was around these.’
    • ‘If you want others to volunteer to be on the stake boat for your races, why not reciprocate by volunteering to be on a stake boat for them when you aren't racing?’
    • ‘The races usually have two points; the boats first run before the wind or westward away from the shore to a stake boat or marker some miles out.’
    • ‘Go out again to watch Goldie and Isis race and determine stake boats remain level for Blue boats.’
    • ‘The first crews to race on this frigid, gray morning pulled away from their starting stake boats at 6: 45 A.M., and a multiple regatta of 25 events began to unfold here on the Charles River's basin.’
    • ‘So I bore off and sailed down to 1, where the presence of the Race Committee stake boat strongly suggested that I was sailing the right course.’
    • ‘We were made to do some pretty tricky things (a 17 km row and practising starting from a stake boat, for example), but we kept up the concentration and commitment.’
    • ‘For thirty miles up the river the boats kept side by side, but the Oregon passed the Vanderbilt as she approached the stake boat off Ossining and was half a length ahead at that point.’
    • ‘A tournament stake boat will be on duty at the check-out points from 5: 30 a.m. to 8: 00 a.m. each morning.’
    • ‘1628 BST: The two crews are at the stake boats awaiting the start of the 149th University Boat Race.’
    • ‘The four or five mile an hour current pushed stake boats out of line and necessitated a drift-in start for the freshman race, which took up so much time that the program finished two hours late.’
    • ‘During the warm up pieces the boat ‘somehow’ managed to lose its rudder, and hit a stationary stake boat, a disastrous warm-up was not part of the plan!’
    • ‘Melting snow runoff caused the waters of the Schuylkill to move ferociously, leading race officials to remove the stake boats at the start of the 2000 meter race course.’