Definition of stake a claim in English:

stake a claim


  • Assert one's right to something.

    ‘the batsman staked a claim for a place in the side’
    • ‘Abeba is a taxi driver, one among a handful of women staking a claim to what was once an exclusively-male preserve.’
    • ‘Ellis, who has only been part of the tour since the turn of the millennium, is staking a claim as a serious contender in this most challenging of competitions, even taking the lead for a short time during the earlier rounds.’
    • ‘After not featuring in the first team squad since November, he returned to training shortly before Christmas and seemed to be on the verge of staking a claim for a senior start again.’
    • ‘At the same time, with seven different teams across both codes staking a claim to him, he felt his hurling was suffering.’
    • ‘I am staking a claim to be a genius of logistical planning.’
    • ‘In addition to its important role as a simulator for pilots, model aircraft flying is staking a claim to serious sports status.’
    • ‘However, those states not formed around a pre-existing national identity have greater difficulty in staking a claim to being a nation-state, and consequent problems with stability.’
    • ‘When the surrounding metropolitan area is included, Cairo has a population of 14.5 million, staking a claim to 9th largest city in the world.’
    • ‘It is a commonplace feature of political and legal debate that advocates of various interests seek to characterise those interests as rights, thereby staking a claim for weight or recognition that may be contestable.’
    • ‘An 89-year-old from Gloucester is staking a claim to being the world's longest-serving altar ‘boy’.’
    assert, declare, proclaim, state, make, lay, establish, put on record, put in
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