Definition of stairwell in English:



  • A shaft in a building in which a staircase is built.

    ‘the stairwell echoed with the sounds of pounding feet’
    • ‘They proceeded silently up the stairwells and down the halls.’
    • ‘Inside is a veritable cathedral of marble floors, chrome stairwells and crystal chandeliers.’
    • ‘Finally, if you live in a multilevel house, definitely put detectors at the top of stairwells, to give early warning of fires moving upwards.’
    • ‘There is a smaller loft bedroom, accessed through a second stairwell, at this end of the house.’
    • ‘The red sandstone block I am heading for is equally labyrinthine: a network of stunted corridors and dark stairwells.’
    • ‘Mr Oliver began to descend the stairwells in the centre of the building.’
    • ‘During the 1970s, additional, ugly concrete stairwells were added to the sides of buildings, to allow individual access to the upper floors.’
    • ‘The focal point of the block will be elliptical stairwells with glass walls to flood classrooms with natural daylight.’
    • ‘The joint consists of three rooms of different sizes, which are ranged around a series of corridors and mini stairwells so it's all a bit split-level and interesting.’
    • ‘On the first floor three two bedroom units will be built around a central stairwell and lift shaft.’
    • ‘Less than a minute later he had gone past the courts, down a stairwell and opened the fire door.’
    • ‘He hurried down the hallway towards the stairwell that led to the basement and his apartment.’
    • ‘The facade had brick stairwells at regular intervals, which also housed elevators and restrooms for the workers.’
    • ‘Items being reviewed include improving the structural stability of stairwells and providing wider exit stairs.’
    • ‘Fire exit doors to stairwells, for example, should unlock when a fire alarm is tripped.’
    • ‘These remarkable shafts are still in place, and serve as the stairwells and lift shafts of Wapping and Rotherhithe Tube stations.’
    • ‘Three fire-protected stairwells in the building provide the opportunity for smaller rentable units.’
    • ‘Plans call for new stairwells and elevators in the center of the building, new alarm and climate-control systems, and visitor amenities.’
    • ‘Make sure all your window wells and stairwells have raised lips around their edges to prevent water in the yard from flowing into the well during a downpour.’
    • ‘Their bare feet are silent as they make their way down the stone stairwells and through the corridors.’