Definition of stairway in English:



  • A set of steps or stairs and its surrounding walls or structure.

    ‘a narrow stone stairway’
    • ‘From the main hall, a stairway with return and wooden balustrade leads to the first floor.’
    • ‘It was much like any of the stairways that were found in buildings, pale blue stucco walls, and concrete steps with a black railing so nobody would fall.’
    • ‘Stone steps, stairways, benches and gate posts can all add a feeling of permanence to a garden.’
    • ‘A pull-down stair leads to the rooftop deck, and stairways to the basement lie beneath their own floor panels.’
    • ‘The ground floor can be accessed via a stairway from the inner hallway, but also has side access.’
    • ‘So instead of running close to the building core, two of the stairways serving those floors were built closer to the perimeter.’
    • ‘I walked the empty causeway and climbed up the still intact stairways to be surrounded by silence and my own thoughts.’
    • ‘The stone stairways and halls of this wonderfully atmospheric venue will be aglow with candlelight.’
    • ‘A wooden stairway led up from the kitchen, each step piled with old paperbacks.’
    • ‘He walked up the stairs and to the main hallway, from which stairways led up to different floors.’
    • ‘As he gently stepped up each step of the stairway he never took his eyes from the floor up ahead from where the voice came.’
    • ‘The ticket hall, stairways and platform roof are not covered by blue walls, and are therefore still as grimy, untreated and rundown as they've been for decades.’
    • ‘He noticed a hallway that ended with a stairway leading up on to the second floor.’
    • ‘Although imposing, with giant stairways and halls, accommodating staff create a welcoming atmosphere.’
    • ‘Intricate carvings lined the walls and two stairways - one up and one down - led off of the main floor.’
    • ‘Straight ahead lay a central hail running the length of the building and ending in a blank wall flanked by steep stairways that led to the second floor.’
    • ‘In no time, the door was opened to reveal a stone stairway that led into the ruins once again.’
    • ‘I dressed by the light of the lantern then picked my way downstairs through the empty stairways and corridors of Mar Saba, towards the deep swell and eddy of monastic chant.’
    • ‘The Castle is adorned with red marble stairways, gothic facades, bastions and epic statutes overlooking the Danube.’
    • ‘I walked across the ground floor to the stairway which lead to the basement canteen.’
    stair, tread, tread board
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