Definition of stair rod in English:

stair rod


  • A rod for securing a carpet in the angle between two steps.

    • ‘Striking brass stair rods lead the eye up to the first level.’
    • ‘Often referred to as the jewelry of the stair, stair rods provide a rich accent, highlighting a runner and enhancing design of a staircase.’
    • ‘The stairwell is still awaiting the final touches as the family tries to find the right stair rods for the carpet but the white-painted balustrade is beautifully carved and it is not hard to imagine the end result.’
    • ‘A common sight throughout the Victorian Era and into the 1930�s, stair rods were a functional part of home decor and another flourish in the exquisite detail associated with homes built during that time period’
    heavily, strongly, intensely, in torrents, in sheets, cats and dogs
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  • rain (or come down in) stair rods

    • informal Rain very heavily.

      • ‘The weather this morning is somewhat ‘inclement’ a howling wind and yet more stair rods of rain.’
      • ‘The rain was coming down in stair rods when we arrived but it couldn't hold us back.’
      • ‘This year the rain came down in stair rods for two of the four show days, but then the sun appeared and it all turned out fine.’
      • ‘The clouds are down over our heads now; tremendous rolls of thunder; rain coming down in stair rods.’
      • ‘It came down in stair rods with visibility towards the end of the race down to 400 metres.’
      • ‘The stair rods had turned to a soaking heavy drizzle but the temperature was barely struggling to the 13 degree mark, let alone the promised 30 degrees and things were not looking good on the summer weather front.’
      • ‘One day we were able to wash our bodies and clothes whilst on the station platform as the rain came down in stair rods.’
      • ‘The eastern Amazon basin is very hot and steamy and can rain stair rods one moment and be dry the next, it easy to be caught out.’
      • ‘It was spotting with rain as I started but coming down in stair rods by the time I was back in the house, with angry black clouds swirling overhead - not looking good at all.’
      • ‘The weather on Wednesday was appalling with gale warnings all over and rain coming down in stair rods.’
      pour, pour down, pelt down, tip down, teem down, beat down, lash down, sheet down, come down, come down in sheets, come down in torrents, rain cats and dogs
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