Definition of stainless in English:



  • 1Unmarked by or resistant to stains or discoloration.

    ‘stainless surfaces can never mellow with use’
    • ‘They say the stainless earrings shine brilliantly in the sun, which makes me stand out from the crowd.’
    • ‘In all iron-chromium-nickel stainless alloys, resistance to corrosion by environments that cause intergranular attack can be improved by lowering the carbon content.’
    • ‘Horizontal wind movements are resisted at each floor level by holding the cables with stainless brackets.’
    • ‘Although both carbon fibre oars were smashed to pieces and the stainless rowlock pins bent, the crew had two spare oars on board and managed to repair the rowlocks.’
    • ‘A self-rimming stainless sink or a surface mounted sink may be attached with clips underneath the counter top.’
    • ‘It is also important not to pair stainless with non-stainless metals (i.e. stainless hangers with non-stainless bolts, etc.) in wet areas.’
    • ‘A cooking hub just shy of 12 feet long showcases the five-burner cooktop with side grill; a bar running the length of the brushed stainless backsplash puts every utensil and spice within reach.’
    • ‘Forged from several types of steel including stainless, Damascus steel has been used to make superior knife blades for thousands of years.’
    • ‘Be sure to remove the plastic protective film from the inside surface of both the upper and lower stainless rings.’
    • ‘The houses are finished to a high specification with many features, including double-glazed white uPVC windows and solid wood shaker-style kitchen units with stainless cooker hoods as standard.’
    • ‘Nearly half of these alloys, in turn, are used to make stainless and heat - resistant steels.’
    • ‘Santorum said the program also would be expanded to include imports not currently covered, including certain wire products, heavy structurals, oil country tubular goods and stainless sheet and strip.’
    • ‘The original intake and exhaust layout has been reversed and equipped with a long-branched 4-1 stainless exhaust manifold to improve flow and increase power and torque.’
    • ‘Customers want to have the body last longer, so we are putting stainless hardware on there.’
    • ‘Those improbable angles only baited at what was to come, a stainless steel-clad Frank Gehry design that has been likened to origami, a clipper ship with billowing sails, or a blooming flower.’
    • ‘The stainless finish also makes blackpowder cleanup all that much easier after the match.’
    • ‘The distinctive flat-bottomed boats once used to transport the wine are still moored in the river, though today, more prosaically, the wine is brought down by road in stainless - steel tankers.’
    • ‘Surface mounted sinks are generally installed with caulking and clamps, self-rimming porcelain sinks need only caulk but self-rimming stainless sinks add clamps as well.’
    • ‘Shortly before deciding to form their own company, Norris developed a method of forging stainless Damascus, thus explaining the choice of ‘Stamascus’ as the name for their new company.’
    • ‘To reduce the possibility of corrosion, steel on all horizontal surfaces was stainless and the minimum cover on exterior surfaces was increased to 2 1/2 inches.’
    untouched, unspoilt, untainted, untarnished, unadulterated, pure, immaculate, pristine, flawless
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or their reputation) free from wrongdoing or disgrace.
      ‘her supposedly stainless past’
      • ‘Not all of us are stainless saints capable of locating sin entirely outside ourselves.’
      • ‘For this purpose it is necessary to learn to maintain the openness and serenity of mind as signified by the old expression, ‘Clear as a stainless mirror and calm as still water.’’
      • ‘This points to a second salient fact in the history of energy technology: the quest for an endless, stainless, and guiltless source of energy.’
      • ‘It was ‘Win with stains’ show and it was a truly stainless performance from the tennis player.’
      • ‘To be honest the school itself intimidated her, with its stainless reputation, wealthy attendants, and so to speak beautiful people.’
      • ‘The awardees N. Athinarayanasamy, M. John Kennedy and K. Suresh qualified for the award after a stainless service without even a single punishment or memo for 18 long years.’
      • ‘They who hear it, are pure; they who utter it are stainless; and the True Guru will occupy their hearts.’
      • ‘It's stainless appearance is deceptive - when this was taken, City Hall, under the regime of infamous police chief Ed ‘Two Gun’ Davis, was a brutal hotbed of corruption’
      untroubled, undisturbed, unworried, unperturbed, unconcerned, unbothered, with no qualms
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