Definition of staging in English:



  • 1The method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance:

    ‘the quality of staging and design’
    [count noun] ‘one of the better stagings of Hamlet’
    • ‘Company Chordelia present two works by Kally Lloyd-Jones combining feel-good music and imaginative staging and performance style.’
    • ‘The company became state-supported in 1921 and under ballet master A. Romanowski presented stagings of the Ballets Russes and early Soviet repertories.’
    • ‘This was a ‘show’ (rather than a concert) built around his most popular tunes with very extravagant staging and direction by David LaChapelle.’
    • ‘Slowly, the images of rehearsal give way to the ultimate performance, a heartrending yet minimalist staging of original choreography.’
    • ‘Mongoose, then, is a good play, worth watching for its inventive staging and hypnotic central performance.’
    • ‘Over on BBC TWO at 12.50 pm, the English National Opera present a remarkable contemporary staging of JS Bach's St John Passion.’
    • ‘In this version, the lord of the manor is to be entertained by the local people's staging of The Marriage of Figaro in the garden of his mansion.’
    • ‘About 50 children accoutred in vibrant colours gave an impressive performance at the staging of the drama Shakuntala and Dushyant.’
    • ‘Presently playing, for example, is his staging of Austrian dramatist Arthur Schnitzler's ‘Professor Bernhardi’.’
    • ‘His favorite part of the job, he says, is ‘to get a magical cast of a ballet, and work with it from staging to rehearsal to performance.’’
    • ‘That aside, five energetic performances, effective staging and a cutting edge soundtrack - not to mention a truly inspired ending - make it worth the ticket price.’
    • ‘Director Lindzee Smith has adapted What is it Zach? and Daddy Wolf for simultaneous staging within the same performance space.’
    • ‘Though it boasts a strong cast and magnificent staging and design, these are left without the central focus needed to bring the play to life and make it more than a dusty history lesson.’
    • ‘Particularly those who have never seen this company before will be dazzled by its creative staging and chameleon-like acting.’
    • ‘They plan to have regular monthly staging of short theatre productions, followed by the screening of classic films.’
    • ‘‘My songs are written in Indonesian so the thrust of my statements have to come more from the dramatic staging of the show than what I say on stage,’ he said.’
    • ‘The current tour of Buddy proves that a touring production can equal if not surpass the original in staging and performance.’
    • ‘The Broadway musical ‘One Touch of Venus’ receives its first full-scale British staging presented by Opera North at the Lowry, Salford Quays.’
    • ‘Mimesis by Katherine Labelle is a multimedia performance that includes simple staging, video projections, and solo dance.’
    • ‘The female leads were rather lacklustre in terms of sound quality and staging, with one notable exception.’
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    1. 1.1 The organizing of a public event or protest:
      ‘the staging of the Norfolk Festival of Movement’
      • ‘Dehring concluded that all the bid-submissions received set the tone for staging of the event.’
      • ‘Members reviewed a good year for the new Society and the successful staging of a number of high profile events at Ballyhaunis Golf Club.’
      • ‘The local chairperson, Mary O'Connor, said the group was a week behind their counterparts throughout the country in the hosting of the event due to the staging of Listowel Races that week.’
      • ‘The combination of atrocious weather and poor pre-tournament publicity led to a virtual boycott by the public, while the staging of the event over three courses so far apart was a logistical nightmare.’
      • ‘Galway's primary strategy is the staging of extensive events over prolonged periods which attract thousands of tourists and project a lasting image of a good place to visit, to live in and to do business in.’
      • ‘It had been formed in 1994 by Mr Ball and Mr Nigel Stanton, and its main business was the staging of events for public relations purposes for its clients, mainly in the car industry.’
      • ‘‘The new West Stand looks very impressive and the ground is ideal for the staging of events such as big-name concerts,’ said Panaro.’
      • ‘He cited an incident on December 31 when the activists of the two outfits staged a noisy protest against staging of a fashion show at a hotel in Indore.’
      • ‘Her competitive career was also unique in that each of her contests marked the inaugural staging of that event.’
      • ‘The man who lives and breathes the Ryder Cup has had the worst of all worlds for the 34th staging of the event which gets under way at The Belfry on Friday.’
      • ‘The staging of rock events at Old Trafford has stirred up controversy in the past, much of it stemming from the Oasis concert held there last year.’
      • ‘The staging of international events, for example world fairs or cultural congresses, commonly generated anthologies of national songs.’
      • ‘This will be the 27th staging of the event, making it the longest continuously run road-race in Kent.’
      • ‘One of the its first initiatives was to try to encourage the staging of festivals and events of virtually any kind by offering grants of up to £10,000 to help meet costs.’
      • ‘The 21st staging of the event was always going to be special and the organising committee were delighted with the tremendous response from the community on and off the field of play.’
      • ‘The organisers extend grateful thanks to Anne Caslin and Frank Keane for their kindness in providing their fields year after year for the staging of the Pattern Day.’
      • ‘I feel obliged, however late, to commend them on the successful staging of the Celtic Fusion concert last month.’
      • ‘The motor sports mother body has set K250 million as a budget to facilitate the successful staging of the event which will be held from July 2-4.’
      • ‘The announcement brings to an end months of speculation over the future of next year's Royal meeting, following York's successful staging of the event.’
      • ‘The staging of such events is also symbolic of a city's place on the global stage.’
  • 2A stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers or between different levels of scaffolding:

    ‘pairs of ladders can be bridged with staging’
    [count noun] ‘men at work on high stagings’
    • ‘The film-makers were able to revolve an entire two hour story around two sets, using lighting and staging to make it feel like this is hundred of different rooms.’
    • ‘I accept the evidence that there was a period of at least ten hours required to prepare the Windsor Arena for the Gaelforce dance production, commencing with the delivery of the flooring and staging.’
    • ‘Everything in it, on the level of staging, lighting, cutting and framing, creates that sense and sensation of perfect union, of the oneness of the lovers.’
    • ‘Matching the audience in age, the young, international cast played briskly and energetically, using simplified staging on a nearly bare stage.’
    • ‘Its composition is as much about staging in a very particular stage space as it is about what is being said.’
    • ‘Director David Horan's staging brings you up three rickety flights of stairs above the Ha'penny Bridge Inn, into a small cramped room that smells of old, forgotten things.’
    • ‘It aims to buy lighting, staging, sound and IT gear to create a mobile stage for future theatre productions, largely with local children.’
    • ‘But it takes both technicians and performers to set up and break down the tons of staging, lighting, audio and special effects equipment needed.’
    1. 2.1British A shelving unit for plants in a greenhouse.
      • ‘Greenhouse Staging, shelving and benches enable you to efficiently use all the space in your greenhouse or polytunnel for healthy plant growth.’
      • ‘Aluminium staging is long lasting, maintenance-free and doesn't rust so is ideal for use in the damp atmospheres of a greenhouse.’
  • 3Medicine
    Diagnosis or classification of the particular stage reached by a progressive disease:

    ‘post-operative staging was performed’
    • ‘In staff training, the diagnosis of opportunistic infections and correct staging of disease are strongly emphasised.’
    • ‘More extensive staging revealed multiple vertebral lesions consistent with metastases, but no spread to abdominal viscera was visualized.’
    • ‘The reference standard test for diagnosis and staging of endometriosis is laparoscopy or laparotomy with biopsy.’
    • ‘The tumor was primary to the liver, since no other tumor site was detected by extensive preoperative staging.’
    • ‘Accurate radiological staging of the disease allows for appropriate clinical decision making and ensures that surgery is limited to those patients who will benefit.’
  • 4The arrangement of stages in a rocket or spacecraft.

    • ‘Parallel staging is used on the Space Shuttle.’
    • ‘To escape Earth's gravity, rockets utilize a technique called staging.’
    • ‘Serial staging was used on the Saturn V moon rockets.’
    1. 4.1 The separation and jettisoning of a stage from the remainder of a rocket when its propellant is spent.
      • ‘Since dead weight is dropped continuously, staging reduces the total amount of propellant needed to put people or satellites into orbit.’
      • ‘Less propellant, no staging, and more payload means significantly lower launch costs.’