Definition of staghorn fern in English:

staghorn fern

(also stag's-horn fern)


  • A fern which has fronds that resemble antlers, occurring in tropical rainforests where it typically grows as an epiphyte.

    Genus Platycerium, family Polypodiaceae

    • ‘The first discovery of staghorn fern in China took place in the original forests in Daying River of Yunnan province.’
    • ‘The American Elm and the staghorn ferns were dormant when this photo was taken, however they will begin to grow when Spring starts in late February, 2005.’
    • ‘The fronds of staghorn ferns are covered with tiny grayish scales that may look like dust; these serve to limit evaporation - do not rub them off.’
    • ‘Still thinking big, French suggests the magnificent staghorn fern, Platycerium.’
    • ‘The staghorn fern can be used to cast the spell of the tropics and add interest to a patio wall.’
    • ‘I have a hanging staghorn fern that is in a wire basket and is getting too big for it.’
    • ‘Spratlin also used vertical space to help create a convincing garden by mounting pots of staghorn ferns and donkey tails on the wall near the gate.’
    • ‘Additionally, staghorn ferns are a type of plant that seems to like our climate, and it's picky.’
    • ‘I still have the huge mama staghorn fern in my backyard, happy and getting bigger by the day.’
    • ‘In spite of its dramatic appearance and easy care, the staghorn fern remains a rarity.’
    • ‘The giant staghorn fern has upright sterile leaflike structures of glossy, vivid green.’
    • ‘It is full of how-to instructions on spore propagation, division, buying staghorn ferns, as well as photos, discussions of each species, and distribution maps of where they occur in nature.’
    • ‘Evidence from the countries where staghorn ferns are native suggests that at least some species are in trouble.’
    • ‘However, some people like to hang staghorn ferns from chains under large trees to form a ball of foliage’
    • ‘Before the storm, we put the staghorn ferns down on benches so they'd be out of the wind, and then they drowned in the floodwater.’
    • ‘For an unusual organic focal point, Edwards mounts two staghorn ferns to wooden plaques and hangs them on the wall above the sofa.’
    • ‘This invention relates to air plants and is directed particularly to a holder for conveniently and attractively supporting and growing staghorn ferns, elkhorn ferns, and the like.’
    • ‘During the winter staghorn ferns are much happier if the fertilizer is cut way back.’
    • ‘Anyway, armed with a greater knowledge of the habits and desires of this particularly lovely staghorn fern, I will hopefully have more success with this new acquisition.’
    • ‘Species of staghorn fern, Platycerium, typically produce one or more broad, clasping leaves, called niche or shield leaves, next to the trunk at the base of the plant, in addition to lobed, projecting leaves.’