Definition of staghorn coral in English:

staghorn coral


  • A large stony coral with branches likened to antlers.

    Genus Acropora, order Scleractinia, in particular A. cervicornis

    • ‘Likit Boonyasit, district fisheries expert for Bang Sapan Noi said according to a survey, the dive site near Talu and Sang Islands has a lot of sea animals such as staghorn coral, table coral, disc coral, sea anemones and feather stars.’
    • ‘I pick up a piece of coral with delicate branches, the Acropora or staghorn coral.’
    • ‘Continuing out we floated above acres of staghorn corals.’
    • ‘Just three miles away is Looe Key, a gorgeous shallow reef full of sponges, soft corals and vibrant elkhorn and staghorn coral thickets, named after the HMS Looe, which hit it in 1744.’
    • ‘It is nonetheless a beautiful shallow reef with huge areas of elk and staghorn coral sheltering shoals of grunt, snapper and goatfish.’
    • ‘A squirrelfish peeks out from staghorn coral near Sand Key, Florida.’
    • ‘I had been to the Maldives on another liveaboard in 1997, a year before the severe coral bleaching event in 1998, and had been impressed then by the stands of staghorn coral in shallow water, with attendant schools of chromis.’
    • ‘In between the two islands, black tip sharks were sighted near a healthy patch of staghorn corals.’
    • ‘I descended a little way off the reef and saw a dazzling concentration of corals, every millimetre covered in table, brain, encrusting and staghorn corals and draped in whip corals and gorgonians.’
    • ‘But remarkably, the new coral takes only a few years to establish itself on the heaps of ruined staghorn coral.’
    • ‘Again I lose track of the number of turtles resting on the reef, my film gone by the time I find one lying on a patch of staghorn coral, as though sleeping on a bed of nails.’
    • ‘Dominating the scene is table upon table of staghorn coral, acropora, and we're not talking tiny coffee tables but tables big enough for a dinner party.’
    • ‘They tend to be the big head corals, the encrusting ones, but the reefs would lack the postcard species of the plating and staghorn corals in very large areas.’
    • ‘They are affected by coral bleaching, they're affected by crown-of-thorn starfish, and a lot of things that make coral reefs sick makes the staghorn coral sick first.’
    • ‘I passed over a huge boulder-sized brain coral then came to what seemed at first sight a petrified forest in bright blue - staghorn coral.’
    • ‘Beautiful table and staghorn corals cover the topside structures offering divers spectacular vistas.’
    • ‘The average depth here is 16m, where numerous large, scattered boulders are covered with a reasonable presence of elk and staghorn corals.’
    • ‘A short ride north on one of the local jukung outrigger fishing boats takes you to the small village of Kubu, which has a very healthy reef with a dense carpet of miniature staghorn corals covering a submerged volcanic headland.’
    • ‘Fields of staghorn coral are parted only for bushels of anemone and host clownfish.’
    • ‘Some inquisitive groupers swam out to meet us from among staghorn coral that was over 20 feet tall.’