Definition of staggering bob in English:

staggering bob


  • 1A very young calf.

    ‘the merest staggering bob two days old’
    ‘the time I've had with them staggering bobs–could 'ave brought in a mob of snails quicker’
    • ‘The present fashion of feeding upon spring chickens and ducklings is like attempts to feed the nation upon staggering bobs.’
    • ‘When he thinks about 'pain to the animal' — the famished gull, the bleating sheep, the 'staggering bob', the tortured circus animal — he suffers their agonies by proxy.’
    • ‘The boat returned in the evening, towing off a staggering bob, which was soon got on board and made into veal.’
    • ‘Jacob had killed the pig for winter's use that week, and a fine fat calf (none of your "staggering bob," three weeks old, but something worth calling veal, more than two months in this world).’
    • ‘A "staggering bob" is a familiar phrase among dealers, for these little wabbly creatures.’
    • ‘The cow was not alone, it turned out; for at her heels came "Staggering Bob", her calf.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Veal from a very young calf.
      ‘the stockmen were oddly squeamish about eating staggering bob’
      • ‘The taste for very young veal has entirely gone out and Staggering Bob is no longer to be met with in such a place.’
      • ‘They consumed cowpoke, staggering bob, and doubtful 'pieces' swarming with flies.’
      • ‘He would as soon think of saying he liked staggering bob, as that he patronized the sweet pea-whiskey.’
      • ‘We were compelled to live upon what the men called staggering bob.’
      • ‘She is one that never denies herself the bit of staggering bob when in season.’
      • ‘You're not worth staggering bob broth, with all your booklarnin' an' good looks, to say nothin' of your manners.’