Definition of staged in English:



  • 1Presented or performed on a stage.

    ‘this is not the first time that a staged musical has been broadcast live’
    • ‘It's perhaps like comparing a daredevil circus event to a staged ballet.’
    • ‘In his first staged play, we see the banal existence of a boarding-house lodger ripped apart by psychological torture.’
    • ‘It's a staged drama in which accompanied singing has an essential function.’
    • ‘The program typically has two staged operas with piano accompaniment per season.’
    • ‘The most important functional aspect is the pit, which enables the training of orchestral musicians and singers in staged performance.’
    1. 1.1 Planned, organized, or arranged in advance (often of an event or situation intended to seem otherwise)
      ‘they have suggested that the entire episode was a staged event’
      ‘Detective Norton believes the bloody footprints were intentionally made as part of a staged crime scene’
      • ‘A staged proposal for a support center housing offices, counseling and meeting rooms, and an ablutions area was begun.’
      • ‘The panel has accepted that a staged approach may be necessary for implementation.’
      • ‘The brief required an iconic "landmark" building, as part of a staged development, on an empty site of 70 acres.’
      • ‘Sound bites from staged rallies determine outcomes of political contests.’
      • ‘He went to work for a self-styled voodoo doctor, assisting with swamp tours and taking visitors into the woods for staged rituals.’