Definition of stagecraft in English:



mass noun
  • Skill or experience in writing or staging plays.

    • ‘His simple stagecraft makes you shiver with sheer pleasure at what theatre can do without resort to special effects.’
    • ‘Armed with his banjo, tinwhistle, poetry, stagecraft and his magnificent baritone voice, Tommy has been mesmerising audiences for more than forty years.’
    • ‘Clearly, credit is also due to Michael Fry, the adaptor and director, whose stagecraft and expertise in filling the stage with imaginary crowds and processions is almost beyond praise.’
    • ‘All that was encompassed in the productions demanded the highest levels of staging and stagecraft.’
    • ‘Barbee never had any formal training as a character dancer, but years of performing have taught him key elements of stagecraft that give his performances their impact.’
    • ‘Scientific presentations, whether for a gathering of colleagues or a general audience, benefit from techniques of stagecraft and rhetoric.’
    • ‘In the three offerings this reviewer took in, there was ample variety and stagecraft to hold one's attention, even when the musical interest was less than compelling.’
    • ‘As is so often the case with Banks's work, the show harnesses imagination and simple stagecraft to tremendous effect - particularly in a scene where a book turns into an angry, distressed bird.’
    • ‘I attended a youth theatre there in the 1980s, I learned most of my basic stagecraft in its two performance areas.’
    • ‘Enormously popular, her vitality and stagecraft were underpinned by intelligence, yet all her successes, except in Shakespeare, were in sentimental melodrama.’
    • ‘We Westerners love confronting the inadequacy of our rationalism and Amagatu capitalises on that, giving us also polished performances and exquisite stagecraft to hold our attention when our metaphysical appreciation wanes.’
    • ‘The fact that neither hall has an orchestra pit created unique problems of stagecraft for the directors.’
    • ‘For the past 13 weeks the 10 students doing the course have been studying performance and stagecraft, which takes in all aspects of performing, under the direction of teacher Virginia Norrie.’
    • ‘The film and comedy components are much more assured than the theatre, which has some pretty clumsy stagecraft, and which too frequently appears to be just a convenient vehicle for the gags.’
    • ‘This is nearly a fantastic evening, characterised by the kind of simple miracles of stagecraft that make Graham a first-rate director.’
    • ‘It was all Hollywood stagecraft, including fabric banners, painted cardboard shipping tubes and what was reportedly all the aluminum scaffolding west of the Mississippi.’
    • ‘Sturtevant's skill at stagecraft has never been so clear as in this recent work, where, as she puts it, the weight of meaning is no longer in what is concealed, but is carried on the surface.’
    • ‘Crazy's uninhibited style of theatrical stagecraft was in evidence even then: he started his Savannah turn by emerging from a big dustbin.’
    • ‘Expressionist stagecraft and decor, both in the theater and the cinema, set out to convey the subjective mental state of the protagonist.’
    • ‘The stagecraft from the fine ensemble cast is excellent, especially in the face of such counter-intuitive direction.’
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