Definition of stage whisper in English:

stage whisper


  • 1A loud whisper uttered by an actor on stage, intended to be heard by the audience but supposedly unheard by other characters in the play.

    • ‘James Amyett calmly lit a cigarette, leaned over, and in a stage whisper drawled, ‘Don't be alarmed, but somebody here is trying to kill us.’’
    • ‘Every few feet she gives a Southern-drawl stage whisper, ‘What is this?’’
    • ‘‘Omigosh,’ she croaked in a stage whisper, as the male protagonist made his first appearance, ‘he is going to like fall for her so-o-o hard.’’
    • ‘‘You were always so pretty,’ he stated in a stage whisper, the hall amplifying his words to tenuous, tinny heights.’
    • ‘Which just goes to show that Prabhu's managed to achieve the ‘Quality’ any good story teller would give his stage whisper for - he manages to make his audience sit back and think, even after the tape stops rolling.’
    • ‘The sounds that reached my ears were similar to stage whispers, these voices, however, were not meant to be heard but were quite audible nonetheless.’
    • ‘Cohen's stately stage whisper, ‘Your story was so long / The plot was so intense ’, amplifies the aching loveliness of Robinson's chorus.’
    • ‘As the first notes started, a loud stage whisper from the bowels of the amphitheatre was heard to exclaim ‘This is the best bit!’’
    • ‘A strange tendency to deliver random lines in a hoarse and uncalled-for stage whisper notwithstanding, Houston is a very proficient actor.’
    whispered remark, confidential remark
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    1. 1.1 Any loud whisper intended to be overheard.
      ‘he translated for us in stage whispers’
      • ‘That's a soundbite,’ said the Channel 11 reporter to her producer in a stage whisper that was just too loud to be tactful.’
      • ‘Here Brown paused for effect, looked at the jury, then said in a stage whisper, ‘Why?’’
      • ‘You do know, she confided in a stage whisper above the caterwauling of my supposedly inconsolable daughter, that she stops crying the minute you leave.’
      • ‘‘Impertinent as ever,’ my grandmother muttered under her breath in a stage whisper designed to carry across the room to where Gabriel and I sat.’
      • ‘In a stage whisper that even Sam could hear over the tinny music for the politicians' float, she added, ‘He's blind.’’


stage whisper