Definition of stage presence in English:

stage presence


mass noun
  • The ability to command the attention of a theatre audience by the impressiveness of one's manner or appearance.

    • ‘Her vivacious stage presence fits both the era and the play perfectly.’
    • ‘It was my first time seeing Kevin Devine, and i was very impressed by his stage presence.’
    • ‘Gray will captivate audiences with her engaging stage presence and communicative facial expressions.’
    • ‘His stage presence, too, did not have the assurance of the other principals.’
    • ‘His stage presence was virtually non-existent, he suffered badly from nerves and tended to underplay his material.’
    • ‘He also became famous for his theatrical stage presence, dressing in outrageous costumes.’
    • ‘Her energy and stage presence were simply astounding in this performance.’
    • ‘Her charismatic stage presence and her poignant lyricism captivate audiences everywhere.’
    • ‘The crowd responded with applause suitably thunderous for a woman with such commanding stage presence.’
    • ‘His exceptional technique, unique talent and striking stage presence render a new sound to classical music.’
    • ‘It is almost impossible to look beyond her commanding stage presence - even in the rare moments when her character is not holding court.’
    • ‘But his singing is matched by neither stage presence nor acting ability.’
    • ‘The competitors will be judged on vocal talent, appearance, originality of performance and stage presence.’
    • ‘Modak honed his stage presence after years of opening for comedians.’
    • ‘His stage presence and his command of the text bode well for an acting career should he choose to pursue that direction.’
    • ‘They have that all-important stage presence and the talent to back it up.’
    • ‘Her diction, delivery and interpretation of the role allied to her stage presence was a highlight of the show.’
    • ‘The competition will give each contestant the chance to shine in front of the judges, who will be looking for an act with style and stage presence as well as talent.’
    • ‘What's always marked him as a stand-up is his extraordinary stage presence.’
    • ‘As well as giving students tips on voice projection, the courses also teach the importance of positive body language and stage presence.’