Definition of stage name in English:

stage name


  • A name assumed for professional purposes by an actor or other performer.

    • ‘Thompson adopted the stage name Black Francis and the group named themselves The Pixies after flipping through a dictionary.’
    • ‘The name of the woman was not officially released, however, it has been been reported that the female actress goes by the stage name Miss Arroyo.’
    • ‘Music was in the family from an early age and his father, a dairy farmer and local musician who had the stage name of Noisy Dan, arranged an audition for his son with Columbia Records in 1942.’
    • ‘Steve, also known as retired York headteacher Norman Fowler, once performed under the stage name Sammy Browne.’
    • ‘One of our friends is actually in another production across the street, her stage name is Destiny, and she has a sort of cabaret act.’
    • ‘The South Yorkshire actor may have a dandy stage name and had posters of Lulu and Marlene Dietrich on his walls in his art school days in Barnsley, but he comes from mining stock.’
    • ‘When Dwight Grant needed a stage name, he referenced South Philadelphia's Sigel Street in recognition of his neighborhood.’
    • ‘Komeda was a stage name, adopted to disguise the identity of an ear, nose and throat physician called Tyrczinski who feared that the authorities would frown on his extracurricular activities.’
    • ‘The girl chose ‘Shadow’, a translation of ‘ying’ as her stage name when she made music her life career.’
    • ‘Miss Kevan, known by her stage name of MiMi, performed on television in the Song for Europe final last year.’
    • ‘Using the stage name, ‘Mata Hari’, meaning ‘the light of day’, Margaretha agreed to make her official debut.’
    • ‘He quickly informed me that ‘Master’ is just his stage name.’
    • ‘Alfred, or Al Avalon as he is better known by his stage name, has rubbed shoulders with the ‘greats’ of the movie and entertainment business - Marlon Brando, Lee Strasbourg, the Ventures.’
    • ‘Her stage name is Monica, but her real name is Blanche, so if you call her at home you should ask for Blanche, because if her mom answers and you ask for Monica her mom will hang up because she will think you have the wrong number.’
    • ‘He has also recorded two other albums under the stage name of ‘Tate Ben’ and another with a band called ‘Kante Blanc’.’
    • ‘‘That's not my birth name, it's my stage name,’ he reveals, to mass consternation.’
    • ‘Cissandra may be her stage name but she is the bearer of the very Irish name of Sandra Rae Durkin back home in California.’
    • ‘This stage name became, in effect, her real name and indeed her second identity.’
    • ‘Headlining at Morell's joint is song-and-dance gal Ann Tarry, who goes by the stage name of ‘Flaxen.’’
    • ‘He took the stage name Frankie because the first song he snag professionally was Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night.’
    pen name, assumed name, incognito, alias, false name, professional name, sobriquet, nickname
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