Definition of stage left (or right) in English:

stage left (or right)


  • On the left (or right) side of a stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience.

    as adverb ‘a woman entered stage left’
    as noun ‘a spaceman wanders in from stage right’
    • ‘Enter stage right, Karin Stoiber, 60 years of age, in a dark, well-cut suit or dirndl, the traditional Bavarian dress, and sensible shoes.’
    • ‘And to the side - stage left - was Jackson, who was watching with greater interest, but without joining in.’
    • ‘They shake hands and exit side by side stage left, their soldiers forming one column to exit.’
    • ‘A violinist enters stage right and takes his seat.’
    • ‘Deuterium Boy and Helium Girl walk on from stage right to more enthusiastic audience applause.’
    • ‘However, in true pantomime style, Rob Seib entered stage right and stole the show in dramatic fashion with two late tries.’
    • ‘A screen on stage left allowed the audience to get a first hand look at how Jeff flawlessly handled the turntables.’
    • ‘I entered from stage right and had a moment or two after the curtain came up before I had to take that first step onto the boards.’
    • ‘Enter stage right to perform in Powerhouse Poetry, at Calgary's Big Secret Theatre at 8 p.m. on July 19.’
    • ‘The stage is bare except for an image of a god at stage left (the audience's right).’