Definition of stage fright in English:

stage fright


mass noun
  • Nervousness before or during an appearance before an audience.

    ‘an attack of stage fright’
    • ‘The previous singer, while very good in rehearsals, suffered from stage fright, and could not perform in public.’
    • ‘As far as opening nights go, there were no signs of jitters or stage fright.’
    • ‘She studied at the conservatory but got stage fright when she had to play in front of an audience for her graduation recital.’
    • ‘As I climbed onto the stage, I was filled with stage fright.’
    • ‘I wasn't feeling well, and I was nervous, I get stage fright like you wouldn't believe!’
    • ‘She never professed to be a dancer herself and admitted to stage fright, but she gamely appeared in a few festival programs.’
    • ‘This is a unique text that explores stage fright in musical performance and its relationship to the unconscious.’
    • ‘Thus, the conflict between the self and the other, one of the core sources of stage fright, begins as a developmental process.’
    • ‘John himself had developed a horrible feeling of stage fright and had taken off his glasses just so he wouldn't see the audience.’
    • ‘The anxiety of stage fright is part of her growing awareness of being in the public eye.’
    • ‘His lack of stage fright is combined with an equal desire to inspire audiences, either through a motivating speech or a stirring song.’
    • ‘We've all been in situations where there's some anxiety or stage fright.’
    • ‘Well, not only do I have stage fright, but I also feel weird getting my picture taken.’
    • ‘Taping the segments didn't cause him any stage fright, but watching them might: he hasn't seen an episode in its entirety.’
    • ‘Proven scientific methods of training to get over stage fright and personality development can work wonders in children.’
    • ‘But for all her love of dancing, she suffers badly from stage fright.’
    • ‘He has gained a reputation for getting stage fright, so touring by himself with only his acoustic guitar is quite a brave decision.’
    • ‘Still inexperienced, she undertook a tour of Ireland, where she suffered stage fright and returned home vowing never to tour again.’
    • ‘I'm suffering no more than a mild attack of stage fright, I know that, and I know, too, that it'll all come out right.’
    • ‘The selection of the final speakers was based on their fluency, clarity, lack of stage fright, and ability to attract the audience.’
    nervousness, nerves, fit of nerves, edginess, uneasiness, anxiety, anxiousness, tension, agitation, fretfulness, restlessness, fidgeting, trembling, shaking, jumpiness
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stage fright