Definition of stage door in English:

stage door


  • An actors' and workmen's entrance from the street to the area of a theatre behind the stage.

    • ‘I was quite artistic and I studied an arts foundation course at Bradford College and later worked at the Alhambra Theatre backstage, in the box office and on the stage door.’
    • ‘He greeted the fans, saluted and entered by the stage door.’
    • ‘Turn up at 4pm and you will be ushered in through the stage door to get a sneak preview of the upcoming performance.’
    • ‘After breakfast, we headed over to the theatre, where the tour bus was parked by the stage door.’
    • ‘To illustrate, she had some anecdote about herself and my mother, who had both been crazy about the opera and hung about the stage door in the hope of meeting the artists.’
    • ‘After exchanging pleasantries with the driver, Gielgud was dropped off and made his way to the stage door.’
    • ‘After the gig we actually went on a search for the stage door, because (ironic as it might seem now) Tony wanted Curtis's autograph.’
    • ‘The steady and disconcerting traffic of parents and other relatives through the stage door during the performance becomes a stream.’
    • ‘He signs autographs at the stage door every night.’
    • ‘The audition was an open audition and so as you can imagine, the stage door was quite packed with people trying to register!’
    • ‘Convention is that actors leave their titles at the stage door.’
    • ‘I'd been hanging around the street, having had a terrific time at the matinee and not particularly wanting the afternoon to be over, and watched as the performers began to filter out through the stage door and into the street.’
    • ‘On the night of the concert I dressed in my black suit and white shirt, and went to the stage door at 6: 30, carrying a small briefcase full of sound equipment requisitioned somewhat unofficially from the ministry stores.’
    • ‘Janet found the stage door and wandered backstage.’
    • ‘As soon as she had entered the back stage door, she slipped off to the make-up room to get ready for the actors to come in.’
    • ‘Cities like Vienna and New York have long-standing ballet traditions, and it's normal to have fans waiting for autographs at the stage door.’
    • ‘He recalled that someone came up to him at the stage door after the previous day's matinee and said that they loved it because it was part ballet, part Broadway show.’
    • ‘Ben slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and stepped out of the theater through the stage door into the sunlight.’
    • ‘He always seemed to be hanging around at the stage door, wanting an autograph.’
    • ‘As he exited the stage door of a West End theater, the usual assemblage of star seekers and autograph hounds waited outside.’


stage door