Definition of stage-diving in English:



mass noun
  • The practice (typically among audience members) of jumping from the stage at a rock concert or other event to be caught and carried aloft by the crowd below.

    • ‘Girls tend not to climb onto their boyfriends' shoulders during them, and stage-diving is discouraged.’
    • ‘He plays Dewey, a heavy rock musician - in both senses - who is thrown out of his band for excessive guitar solos and inappropriate stage-diving, and has to take a job as a supply teacher at an uptight private infant school.’
    • ‘What other venue could offer dancing in the pews, stage-diving off the pulpit, and vocals carrying unassisted by a PA system?’
    • ‘The atmosphere in Dry is pretty electric with double stage-diving and more sweat than a sauna for the overweight.’
    • ‘There was no slam-dancing or crowd-surfing or stage-diving - everybody bobbed their heads in time with the drummer's beat and watched the singer.’