Definition of stag's-horn fungus in English:

stag's-horn fungus

(also staghorn fungus)


  • A small fungus of dead wood, which forms black velvety antler-shaped fruiting bodies with white tips, common in both Eurasia and North America.

    Xylaria hypoxylon, family Xylariaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina

    • ‘The Stag's Horn Fungus can be found on dead rotting wood, all year round.’
    • ‘A good day is a sunny Autumn day and you go to the nature reserve and find the first Stag's Horn Fungus of the season nestling in the crisp leaves on an old tree root.’
    • ‘Xylaria hypoxylon, commonly called either the Candle-snuff Fungus or the Stag's Horn Fungus, appears throughout the year, but it is particularly common during late autumn and winter.’