Definition of staff notation in English:

staff notation


mass nounMusic
  • Notation by means of a stave, especially as distinct from the tonic sol-fa.

    • ‘The Turin tablatures contain a similar range of music notated in new German keyboard tablature rather than staff notation, including transcriptions of motets and madrigals as well as idiomatic keyboard music.’
    • ‘Celia Regan taught us to read music, staff notation and so on and gave us some tunes.’
    • ‘When a Benedictine monk named Guido d' Arezzo devised staff notation, forms of much greater complexity became possible, as did a language in which to analyze them.’
    • ‘To accommodate their interest in Eastern music, Indu Mami transcribed Tyagaraja's songs into Western staff notation so that they could be ‘sight-read ‘by them.’’
    • ‘It is also a good leaping off point for the teaching of staff notation, and again will produce relatively quick and recognisable results thus re-enforcing a sense of creativity and achievement.’