Definition of staff college in English:

staff college


  • A college at which military officers are trained for staff duties.

    • ‘The number of man-years associated with officers' basic and advanced branch courses, the staff colleges and the War College is a major investment.’
    • ‘The command and staff colleges are the place to ensure that this thinking incorporates naval gunfire and close air support in fire support plans and includes air and sea transport into logistical plans.’
    • ‘An international staff college to train peacekeeping commanders was one solution, reform of the existing machinery another and a permanent UN force a third.’
    • ‘Kagame attended a US army and staff college in Kansas.’
    • ‘Intellectually, the new doctrine was the product of a cadre of young military intellectuals that had collected at the staff college during the late 1970s.’
    • ‘It was one of the greatest military victories of all time and has been studied in staff colleges ever since, but its effect on the outcome of the war was negligible.’
    • ‘A former map expert who taught at an Army staff college which is now Erlestoke Prison is seeking information about the fire that destroyed the manor house on the site.’
    • ‘He has also served as Resource Person at the Institute of English of the University of Kerala and at the Centre for English Language Teaching and lectured at the academic staff colleges of various universities.’
    • ‘Finally, functional exchanges have taken place between the two countries' national defense universities, war and staff colleges, and logistics and military medicine institutions, among others.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a generation of officers - too junior to have attended staff college or war college by 1941 - returned from the war as colonels or captains, and in some cases brigadier generals or rear admirals.’
    • ‘A cadet college was opened at Cranwell in 1920 and a staff college at Andover in 1922.’
    • ‘The family later emigrated to Canada where John de Chastelain entered the Royal Military College, later spending a year at the British army staff college.’
    • ‘Kitchener reorganized this army and established a staff college to recruit and train more Indian officers.’
    • ‘Training in command staff colleges (an army command staff college, command staff colleges of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and a staff college of the armed forces) is between five and ten months.’
    • ‘After staff college in 1969, he completed the helicopter conversion course.’
    • ‘What we see is the coming together of many years of our officers training at coalition staff colleges and their officers training with us.’
    • ‘The best school for Kayla was the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, Mo., and there was an Army staff college in Kansas.’
    • ‘In fact, Dunchurch was the former staff college for GEC Marconi, for whom he worked in the 1980s.’
    • ‘It would be a textbook operation, straight out of staff college.’
    • ‘The training involves attending foreign command and staff colleges; acquiring advanced language and cultural skills; and participating in host-nation think tanks.’