Definition of staff association in English:

staff association


  • An association of employees performing some of the functions of a trade union, such as representing its members in discussions with management.

    • ‘They are angry that management has failed to recognise the union and has set up a rival staff association.’
    • ‘We did some research among our members not too long ago in terms of the amount of contact that members have with us as a staff association, and we found that 70 per cent of our members never have any direct contact with us as a staff association.’
    • ‘He was angered by reports that striking members of the staff association at the University of the North West disrupted year-end examinations.’
    • ‘It feels like the service has the resources of a department to potentially deal with a situation, and it is yourself and your federation or your staff association who try and support you.’
    • ‘Your trade union or staff association should be able to advise over what is generally acceptable in your line of work.’
    • ‘John Middleton, the staff association's general secretary, has been reassuring the workforce that they'll be given fair treatment.’
    • ‘The college remains committed to working with all five recognised staff associations to bring about long term changes in its pay structures in line with the national agenda for modernisation.’
    • ‘He chaired his trust's medical staff association.’
    • ‘The board will also select a representative of graduate studies alumni, of the faculty association, and of the staff association.’
    • ‘I mean, the things that we put in place are, for example, we have provided accommodation on site now for the support staff association to be on site.’
    • ‘The academic staff association were willing to back me in a court case against the university administration over this but I was disgusted with the behaviour of the academics during the crises in the universities at this time.’
    • ‘A staff association funded by management isn't capable of representing members.’
    • ‘The agenda and minutes of each management team meeting will be sent to the media and public representatives, to staff associations and the Regional Partnership Committee.’
    • ‘Representatives of the staff association and the administration negotiating teams met on Tuesday and talks resumed on Wednesday.’
    • ‘This was set up in January by the school's parents and staff association, with the aim of raising £100,000 for essential repair and rebuilding work.’
    • ‘But I had been invited to speak to the staff association about spirituality - still a taboo subject in certain psychiatric circles.’
    • ‘The student union has also been able to meet with the mediator and representatives of both the management and the staff association.’
    • ‘At the beginning of negotiations, the staff association was given no guarantee that there would be not be lay-offs as long as there was no pay raise.’
    • ‘The staff association of the museum has decided to hold a special medical camp on cardiology on July 2 and distribute fruits to poor patients in Osmania general hospital.’
    • ‘McMaster University experienced a five week labour dispute with their staff association in the spring of 2001.’