Definition of stadium in English:



  • 1An athletic or sports ground with tiers of seats for spectators.

    • ‘The Olympic stadium follows a rise-and-fall pattern of stillness and intense activity.’
    • ‘There's a real buzz around the stadium, a stadium where Brazil might be returning in a month's time for the final.’
    • ‘Major plans are now afoot to completely transform the Lower Lea Valley as the focus of London's 2012 Olympic bid, complete with sports stadia and athletes' village.’
    • ‘Anders Frisk blows his whistle for full time and the stadium erupts.’
    • ‘The stadium now has 5,000 amber and black seats in its main stand and a new concourse bar at the back.’
    • ‘And in a related development, government says it has set the ball rolling for the construction of the three modern stadia ahead of the 2010 World Cup set for South Africa.’
    • ‘The battle hotted up from halfway as spectators in the stadium watched nervously on the giant screens.’
    • ‘Later this year, the international football governing authority FIFA will enforce a rule stating that games will have to be played in all-seater stadia with no temporary seating allowed.’
    • ‘A good competition with high standards of play will fill the stadiums.’
    • ‘In fact, it would be a fair point to state that mandatory seating in Premier League stadia has played a role in lessening trouble in the stands.’
    • ‘At the final whistle, the whole stadium gave the players a standing ovation for top class football.’
    • ‘Clusters of empty seats throughout the stadium were evidence that some had not overcome their disappointment.’
    • ‘They grow up dreaming of hitting home runs in the Tokyo Dome and their own stadiums.’
    • ‘Having conceded three goals in their own stadium, Celta Vigo have given themselves loads to do in the second leg.’
    • ‘More and more high schools are building larger and grander stadiums and gymnasiums.’
    • ‘We played in World Cup stadia every week and got the chance to visit a lot of different countries.’
    • ‘The stadiums of the clubs are great arenas where the teams play, and the game is fast and requires skill and passion.’
    • ‘Now most stadiums, even Premiership stadiums hold about 30,000 people.’
    • ‘There are new disabled access paths into the stadium, new seats for carers and viewing restrictions have been removed.’
    • ‘A result of the Taylor recommendations following the Hillsborough disaster was that football stadia should provide seating for all spectators.’
    arena, field, ground, pitch
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    1. 1.1 (in ancient Rome or Greece) a track for a foot race or chariot race.
      • ‘Caligula was murdered by his own guard while exiting from the stadium of some public games.’
      • ‘The plans were sparked by the astonishing discovery of a Roman stadium at Colchester Garrison.’
      • ‘At first there was only one race, down the length of the stadium, and the games lasted only one day.’
      • ‘The stadium was the home of the ancient Olympics until they were stopped in 393AD.’
      track, racetrack, racecourse, circuit, ground, speedway, velodrome, route, trail
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  • 2An ancient Roman or Greek measure of length, about 185 metres (originally the length of a stadium).

    • ‘Who is willing to believe that Alexandria is exactly 5000 stadia from Syene, whatever the value of the stadium?’
    • ‘He then marked off where the lines of longitude crossed the parallel of Rhodes, taking 400 stadia per degree.’
    • ‘The long and short of it: aunes, cubits, leagues, palms, stadia - old-fashioned units of measurement make it hard to do science.’
    • ‘Of course how accurate this value is depends on the length of the stadium and scholars have argued over this for a long time.’
    • ‘Each stadia is 10 Mils long and spaced 10 Mils apart.’


Late Middle English (in stadium (sense 2)): via Latin from Greek stadion. Sense 1 dates from the mid 19th century.