Definition of stabby in English:



  • 1(of a pain) sudden and sharp.

    ‘when I got out of bed I felt a stabby pain in my left foot’
    • ‘I have this weird stabby pain in my chest.’
    • ‘I slept funny last night - left shoulder stabby.’
    • ‘Ok, random, stabby stomach pains can go away now.’
    • ‘I have a nasty stabby pain in my lower right abdomen/pelvis, right above my hip bone.’
    • ‘Last night I woke up around 4am with this horrible stabby feeling deep down in my left ear.’
    • ‘Sometimes his head is stabby and migrainous.’
    • ‘My head is killing me, my neck feels out, my shoulders and back are one big sharp stabby ache, and someone is standing on my chest, making breathing difficult.’
    1. 1.1(of popular music) characterized by staccato interjected phrases.
      ‘a stabby guitar riff’
      • ‘Track two kicks off with a cutting Wilko Johnson style stabby guitar riff and rolls along with a catchy chorus.’
      • ‘Somewhat arty post-glam stabby guitars and twitchy rhythms, all performed at a ridiculously uptempo rate.’
      • ‘With its trademark big kicks, stabby riffs and chopped-up vocal sound all present, this remix certainly does the damage on the dancefloor.’
      • ‘A Loleatta Holloway sample bellows out among crowd cheers and stabby breakdowns.’
      • ‘A lovely EP: exciting quick bits with stabby guitar.’
      • ‘In their signature stabby synth, euro-friendly vocal format, Swedish House Mafia's Until Now is structured almost identically to their recent main stage sets.’
      • ‘As you would expect this track has huge stabby leads, massive riff and a cresendo that will without doubt leave your dance floor screaming for more.’
      • ‘Meindl returns with a stellar serving of thumping grooves, rolling basslines, stabby synths, dubbed-out chords, precision drum hits and more.’
      • ‘The tune doesn't stray far from the sound we've come to expect from the French label: stomping drums supported by grinding electro-house bass and stabby synth melodies.’
      • ‘Even though this track is really minimal, it has so much drive thanks to those stabby bongos.’
  • 2(of a person) very angry; furious.

    ‘It's not even 8 a.m. and I'm feeling stabby’
    • ‘I just travelled 60 miles for a meeting, only for it to be cancelled 5 minutes after it was supposed to start: this made me stabby.’
    • ‘So I'll admit, sometimes when I hear the current conversation about video I get a little stabby.’
    • ‘Then the bank has to go and make me stabby and I got really angry because I couldn't choke the person who was 'helping' me on the phone.’
    • ‘This conversation is making me stabby.’
    • ‘It does indeed make me feel stabby when my husband steps right over that laundry basket waiting to go upstairs.’
    • ‘Also I cringe every time people use the phrase "flyover country": the phrase gets me all stabby.’
    • ‘From the long lines to the disorganized, crowded aisles to the stabby patrons, this store is sure to raise your blood pressure a few notches.’
    • ‘You know what made me stabby tonight? Mosquitoes.’
    • ‘No, I'm not saying that the very air of the region makes rational decent people feel stabby.’
    • ‘People who have been talking lately about "leadership," or the lack thereof on the Mets, make me feel stabby.’


1980s: from stab + -y.