Definition of stab stitch in English:

stab stitch


mass noun
  • A needlework stitch in which the stitches on the visible surface of the cloth are smaller than those underneath.

    • ‘Many of our well known famous quilters began with the stab stitch and progressed from there.’
    • ‘It is a very simple stitch, made exactly as the stab stitch is made.’
    • ‘Make a second stab stitch by bringing the thread back through the bottom of the center of the ribbon slightly to the right, and then make a third stab stitch through the base again on the left side of the first stab stitch.’
    • ‘The stab stitch, or edge stitch binding, is a traditional Japanese binding that can be used to make lovely albums and journals.’
    • ‘To work the stab stitch, pass the needle from the wrong side of the work through to the right side of the work, draw thread over one stitch and push needle back to the wrong side of the work.’