Definition of stab someone in the back in English:

stab someone in the back


  • Betray someone.

    ‘it was very competitive, with everyone stabbing everyone else in the back’
    • ‘To be told that they could be disbanded is like stabbing them in the back.’
    • ‘There are some people whom I regarded as friends, but they stabbed me in the back; there are those that I injured by mistake, but they were actually good people in retrospect.’
    • ‘Amanda and Chris had been the only two people who hadn't stabbed her in the back and betrayed her trust.’
    • ‘I know what childhood is and I know what it feels like when your best friend stabs you in the back,’ explains Meera.’
    • ‘The district council has stabbed us in the back.’
    • ‘But I'm sure it's hard to talk to him and be civil with him after you feel he stabbed you in the back?’
    • ‘But it obviously put Cage into a state of shock: ‘He pretends to be my best friend - then the next day he stabs me in the back,’ said Cage.’
    • ‘They've been trying to be friends with the regimes, but at the same time those regimes have been stabbing us in the back on some very important issues.’
    • ‘I felt I was stabbing him in the back when I put in the report, but really I had no choice after the last incident with the intruder.’
    • ‘Given the opportunity, the powerful will exploit the weak, and the person you love might betray you, stabbing you in the back.’
    betray, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, desert, break one's promise to, double-cross, break faith with, sell out, play false, inform against, inform on
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