Definition of stab someone in the back in English:

stab someone in the back


  • Betray someone.

    ‘it was very competitive, with everyone stabbing everyone else in the back’
    • ‘There are some people whom I regarded as friends, but they stabbed me in the back; there are those that I injured by mistake, but they were actually good people in retrospect.’
    • ‘Given the opportunity, the powerful will exploit the weak, and the person you love might betray you, stabbing you in the back.’
    • ‘To be told that they could be disbanded is like stabbing them in the back.’
    • ‘But I'm sure it's hard to talk to him and be civil with him after you feel he stabbed you in the back?’
    • ‘I felt I was stabbing him in the back when I put in the report, but really I had no choice after the last incident with the intruder.’
    • ‘They've been trying to be friends with the regimes, but at the same time those regimes have been stabbing us in the back on some very important issues.’
    • ‘But it obviously put Cage into a state of shock: ‘He pretends to be my best friend - then the next day he stabs me in the back,’ said Cage.’
    • ‘The district council has stabbed us in the back.’
    • ‘Amanda and Chris had been the only two people who hadn't stabbed her in the back and betrayed her trust.’
    • ‘I know what childhood is and I know what it feels like when your best friend stabs you in the back,’ explains Meera.’
    betray, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, desert, break one's promise to, double-cross, break faith with, sell out, play false, inform against, inform on
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