Definition of St Andrew's cross in English:

St Andrew's cross


  • A diagonal or X-shaped cross, especially white on a blue background (as a national emblem of Scotland).

    Also called saltire
    • ‘The night before the battle, the Scots saw a cross formation of clouds in the sky resembling a St Andrew's cross - the patron saint.’
    • ‘The timbering of the hall is very heavy and consists of broad uprights and horizontals and bracing in the form of heavy cusped St. Andrew's crosses.’
    • ‘The Amsterdam Coat of Arms is composed of many historical elements. Firstly, in the center there are three St Andrew's crosses that are lined up in a vertical band on the shield of Amsterdam. According to many historians' views, these three crosses represent the three dangers that traditionally plagued the city of Amsterdam: fire, flood, and pestilence.’
    • ‘Baxter made a splash earlier in the games, dyeing a blue-and-white St Andrew's cross - the Scottish flag - in his hair.’


St Andrew's cross