Definition of squit in English:



  • 1British informal A small or insignificant person.

    ‘a little squit like Thorpe’
    • ‘I get the impression that Salinger has a lot of admiration for Holden, if only because Holden narrates the whole book and there's nobody else there to comment on him, and yet I find Holden to be just a narrow-minded, priggish, self-pitying little squit.’
    • ‘The little squit is the author of his own misfortunes.’
    insignificant person, nobody, nonentity, non-person, gnat, insect, cipher, pygmy
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  • 2the squitsDiarrhoea.

    • ‘The next day I had the squits so badly I took a precautionary packet of Immodium to The Proms - Immodium I bought for Cuba and never used; that I took to Egypt and never used.’
    • ‘We strolled into Marble Hill Park: ‘Look at him,’ he said suddenly, pointing to golden Labrador Ike. ‘He could have the squits and I couldn't clean that up, yet I could be fined.’


Early 19th century: perhaps related to dialect squit ‘to squirt’.