Definition of squish in English:



  • 1Make a soft squelching sound when walked on or in.

    ‘the mud squished under my shoes’
    • ‘His Velcro overshoes squished upon the carpet as he walked back to his seat.’
    • ‘Soaking wet and angry, I headed towards my locker with my sneakers squishing as I walked.’
    • ‘Legacy giggled in response before marching deeper into the pond, enjoying the muck and mud squish coolly between her toes.’
    • ‘That is, if it would even snap, and not just squish like an overripe banana.’
    • ‘He opened the door and walked out, feeling his shoes squish into the water.’
    • ‘Her cape was a sodden woolen mass, and her walking boots squished unpleasantly when she walked.’
    • ‘Cool mud squished between my toes making a smacking noise.’
    • ‘Their shoes squished because of the rainwater.’
    • ‘His shoes squished when he stepped down on the wood floor.’
    • ‘Grumbling, and her boot squishing with water, Eleanor walked home.’
    • ‘His boots were getting very muddy; he could feel some of the cold ooze seeping through the cracks in the ill-made shoes and squishing between his toes.’
    • ‘She walked out over the beach, the cold sand squishing beneath her bare feet.’
    • ‘My sandals are kind of wet from wearing them to the pool the other day, and they squish as I walk.’
    • ‘I bowed, took my stuff and headed into the school, shoes squishing and squeaking obnoxiously against the tile floor in the building, ignoring the odd looks I was receiving.’
    • ‘The sand squished between her toes as she walked through the shallow water, and eventually crawled up the bank for fear whatever it was would see her, if it hadn't already.’
    • ‘The soft ground squished beneath her shoes, but the mud couldn't reach her feet.’
    • ‘Her sneakers were filled with water and squished every time she took a step.’
    • ‘His shoes squished when he slipped his feet into them.’
    • ‘She kicked off her shoes and let the mud squish between her toes.’
    • ‘In the darkened hallway Maddie listens to her shoes squish, and worries Miss Margaret won't take to the new girl the agency will have to send over, fussy like she is, and so close to the end.’
    1. 1.1informal Yield or cause to yield easily to pressure; squash.
      no object ‘strawberries so ripe that they squished if picked too firmly’
      with object ‘Naomi was furiously squishing her ice cream in her bowl’
      • ‘You pick your way across lichen-covered rocks and squish through a little stream crossing the path.’
      • ‘Play dough is lovely to squish and squeeze, and fun to model.’
      • ‘I crossed the grass, feeling it squish underneath my tennis shoes and walked up to his front door.’
      • ‘Uum, wait a second Hilary: Barbie is molded of solid plastic and her head squishes flat together when squeezed.’
      • ‘I like to pack light and this sleeping bag not only weighs in at just over 1kg, it also squishes down to a sensible size.’


  • A soft squelching sound.

    ‘the squish of wet sand between the toes’
    • ‘Then he heard the squish of water under his shoes.’
    • ‘She let it fall to the floor with a squish, and pressed on into the bleak shadows.’
    • ‘Tsuki fell to the ground in a large squish making Toki laugh.’
    • ‘With a squish, the bar turned to gel and I slid to lie on my knees and chest awkwardly, desperate to turn around (Mother only has the pleasant sight of my backside at the moment.).’
    • ‘You can hear the squish of the uniforms as the Marines walk through the jungles.’
    • ‘She finally reached the table, plopping down with a wet squish of clothing.’
    • ‘Samuel winces slightly, as we hear a squish, then turns away.’
    • ‘The dagger sliced through the air where Dinael had been standing a moment before, burying itself with a soft squish into Severin's upper arm.’
    • ‘She ended up falling on the wet ground with a squish and the bag falling on top of her, knocking the wind out of her.’
    • ‘He hugged it around himself and heard the squish of water in his fur.’


Mid 17th century: imitative.