Definition of squirrel cage in English:

squirrel cage


  • 1A rotating cylindrical cage in which a small captive animal can exercise as on a treadmill.

    • ‘A defining trait of the system is that it is a kind of giant squirrel cage.’
    • ‘I could blame it on my stinking corporate day job, which admittedly has been keeping me scrambling around like the proverbial mouse in the squirrel cage.’
    • ‘The animal is placed inside a big squirrel cage which revolves when the creature runs.’
    1. 1.1 A monotonous or repetitive activity or way of life.
      ‘running madly about in a squirrel cage of activity’
      • ‘In her 1963 bestseller The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan wrote about ‘the problem that has no name,’ the dissatisfaction that housewives experienced as trapped in the ‘squirrel cage’ of marriage.’
      • ‘Schor talks about capitalism's ‘squirrel cage,’ the work-and-spend middle-class affliction instilled by capitalism, but in the end she doubts whether this cycle can be radically disrupted.’
      • ‘Few things draw us out of the revolving squirrel cages of our minds and out into the nerve endings of our skin better than that.’
    2. 1.2 A form of rotor used in small electric motors, resembling a cylindrical cage.
      as modifier ‘a squirrel-cage fan’
      • ‘Single-layer films are most common, commercial growers often set up a system with two layers of polyethylene and inflate an airspace in between (with a small squirrel-cage fan), which provides some insulation.’
      • ‘The majority of squirrel cage induction motors employ an integrally cast aluminum rotor.’
      • ‘Mere stuff - transistors, pulleys, squirrel cages, and the like - obviously cannot really experience love or redness or even feeling unsatisfied by an argument.’
      • ‘Back in my misspent youth I had the fastest car in school, a '74 Vega GT sleeper with a 350 LT1 jammed into that little compartment where the squirrel-cage four banger originally went.’
      • ‘Additionally, some Maytag dehumidifier models use ‘squirrel cage’ types of fans for blowing out the dried air, making Maytag dehumidifiers more efficient than most.’