Definition of squeezy in English:



  • 1(especially of a container) flexible and able to be squeezed to force out the contents.

    ‘a glass bottle of perfume with a squeezy ball vaporizer’
    • ‘Yashi absent-mindedly picked up the squeezy bottle of syrup, flipped open the cap, and began piping spiral patterns round the outside of the plate with it.’
    • ‘I gave her a squeezy ball at Christmas, as I thought this would help.’
    • ‘All I wanted was a squeezy tube of fresh Basil.’
    • ‘Did you bring back any squeezy, soft, sweet-fruits for me?’
    • ‘The booths have red leatherette seats, the tables have blue-checked plastic tablecloths and the sauce comes in squeezy bottles.’
    • ‘She got a bunch of squeezy paint tubes, like the ones you used to have in primary school, all primary colors, and a bottle of Tequila.’
    • ‘A tourniquet was on my upper arm, a blue squeezy ball tightly gripped in my hand, and a phlebotomist was looking quizzically at my arm.’
    • ‘To liven things up in the paddling pool, rinse out old squeezy bottles and let the kids squirt each other.’
    • ‘The handcream is in a plastic squeezy bottle and it's almost empty.’
    • ‘They're great - little squeezy bottles of acrylic gunk for drawing and writing on your clothes and shoes.’
    • ‘Mixing all manner of instruments ranging from harmonica, guitar, harp, synth, drum beats and piano to a squeezy toy.’
    • ‘The frogs are fighting back with that funny noise they make, like one of those dog's squeezy toys when you step on them.’
    • ‘Angela silently played with a squeezy stress reliever on the desk, while Mark and Ted sat drinking their coffee.’
    • ‘It dispenses the necessary white stuff delicately with the minimum of fuss while the oafs around you flounder with fiddly lids and squeezy bottles.’
    • ‘But, given a few quid, most women will gladly pay someone else to wield that squeezy mop.’
    • ‘You've been out jogging, bought one of those squeezy metal contraptions that sits between your thighs, rowed yourself to Northern Africa from the comfort of your living room and sprained both knees on a TotalGym.’
    • ‘From here the route becomes a bit of a blur as a section of flat crawling and squeezy bits were negotiated, until we eventually arrived at the head of the Serendipity Pitches.’
    • ‘Supermarkets stock a hundred breakfast cereals, as well as breakfast pizza, microwave pancakes, artificial bacon-bits and squeezy bottled cheese.’
    • ‘At first I hated that squeezy feeling as the cuff inflated round my arm, but, gradually, I came to tolerate it.’
    • ‘There is to be a new upside-down squeezy version making it easier to spread while preventing butter and crumbs on the knife from contaminating it.’
  • 2archaic Having a restricted or confined character.

    ‘a squeezy little room’
    • ‘The boats are licensed for seven people, with not too squeezy room on the padded seats’