Definition of squeeze someone until the pips squeak in English:

squeeze someone until the pips squeak


  • Extract the maximum amount of money from someone.

    • ‘A moment that signalled that the middle market had been squeezed so dry the pips had begun to squeak.’
    • ‘The arguments are solidly made, and Microsoft's lawyers squeeze the juice out of their case until you can hear the pips squeaking: but in the end, there's just not enough juice.’
    • ‘Finally, here are Gartner's recommendations to squeeze your networking equipment supplier until its pips squeak.’
    • ‘And at the same time it would create a nice comfortable monopoly on waste disposal all the better for jacking up fees and squeezing rate payers till the pips squeak.’
    • ‘As we reveal today, Labour is planning a dramatic rebanding of council tax which would squeeze middle-class households until the pips squeak.’
    • ‘Popular pressure in Britain and France encouraged the peacemakers to squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak, a line most vigorously pursued by the French premier, Georges Clemenceau.’
    • ‘So he and his coalition partners found that when they said, ‘We'll make the Hun pay ’, and the famous phrase, ‘We'll squeeze them until the pips squeak,’ that went over a lot better.’
    • ‘The Left are still wedded to silly ideas about squeezing the rich till the pips squeak.’
    • ‘The owners of some 660 horses face a frustrating and expensive new year because Horse Racing Ireland is going to squeeze them until the pips squeak.’