Definition of squeegee in English:



  • 1A scraping implement with a rubber-edged blade set on a handle, typically used for cleaning windows.

    • ‘It comes with a squeegee handle with two interchangeable rubber blades for steam cleaning soapy residue off glass shower doors;’
    • ‘He placed me in a basket as he grabbed a squeegee and proceeded to clean the windows on the tower.’
    • ‘If we have a two-story house for instance, the windows and side walls will call for a squeegee with a long handle.’
    • ‘Apply the mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and squeegee off the liquid, absorbing any drips with a cloth.’
    • ‘Stuck in an elevator in the North Tower with five other men, he used the blade of his squeegee to cut through the door.’
    sponge, swab, squeegee
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    1. 1.1 A rubber roller or small implement consisting of a strip of rubber set on a wooden frame, used especially in photography for squeezing water out of prints.
      • ‘In either case, you will find it necessary to remove the print from the developer and squeegee it for the solarization exposure.’
      • ‘If dry spots are noted, add water under the blanket with a small diameter hose or by using a roller squeegee to move the water around until the entire blanket has become translucent.’
      • ‘The essence of the technique is that a fine mesh screen, stretched tightly over a wooden frame, is placed above a sheet of paper and colour is forced through the mesh with a rubber blade called a squeegee.’
      • ‘Use 18-inch rollers or V-notch squeegees for epoxy primers.’
      • ‘Moving to canvas, he rolls on a base color and a layer of iridescent pigment, then uses a squeegee to apply from 9 to 20 layers of iridescent glazes.’
    2. 1.2informal as modifier Denoting a person who cleans the windscreen of a car stopped in traffic and then demands payment from the driver.
      ‘squeegee merchants at every road junction’
      • ‘This rant is for the squeegee boy whose friend was locked up for not having his dog on a leash.’
      • ‘Approached by a squeegee merchant at a set of traffic lights, we let him quickly clean the (almost opaque) windscreen.’
      • ‘It also forbids squeegee kids from standing in roads and begging drivers for money.’
      • ‘A cop is telling a courthouse that he shot dead a homeless squeegee man because he felt scared.’
      • ‘Now let me tell you that the original person who reported this incident was not a squeegee boy, I am not a squeegee boy, and the person kidnapped/arrested was not a squeegee boy.’


[with object]
  • Clean or scrape with a squeegee.

    ‘squeegee the shower doors while the surfaces are still wet’
    • ‘We began by sweeping, then squeegeeing the water to a small drain, but this was not the complete solution to our problem.’
    • ‘A little colour also washes out of heavily toned prints, which should be blotted or squeegeed after washing, so the colour does not continue to bleed.’
    • ‘Make it a house rule for everyone to squeegee the shower stall after each shower.’
    • ‘But definitely by the time Larry Brown had finished his postgame whining, it was as clear as a freshly squeegeed backboard: Someone forgot to tell the Pacers that they're supposed to be honing their golf games by now.’
    • ‘He applied paint - thick strokes and overlapping thinner washes - to bare canvas and squeegeed it around.’
    clean, cleanse, sponge, scrub, mop, hose down, sluice, sluice down, swill, swill down, douse, swab, swab down, flush, disinfect
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Mid 19th century: from archaic squeege ‘to press’, strengthened form of squeeze.