Definition of squeaker in English:



  • 1A person or thing that squeaks.

    ‘children blowing party squeakers’
    • ‘This made sense considering what this animal has digested in the past: tampons, toilet paper rolls, q-tips, entire stuffed animals with squeakers, and one iBook power cord.’
    • ‘The girls got tiaras with ‘Happy New Year’ written on them, plastic leis and squeakers, and the guys got ‘Happy New Year’ hats and squeakers.’
    • ‘He's developed a preternatural ability to get the squeaker out of any toy, always accompanied by clouds of Hollofil.’
    • ‘In the Campo Raffaele, this visitor to Venice watched from her apartment a procession of children singing and blowing tin trumpets and squeakers like rude tongues.’
    • ‘They're like for cats, and they're just basically squeakers covered with fur, but Fidget doesn't know the difference.’
    • ‘He yanked the stuffing and squeakers out of every one of his dog toys.’
    • ‘The squeakers and bells also pose a problem of your shih-tzu choking on them if he tries to swallow the objects.’
    • ‘My dog enjoys dissecting the plush toys to extract the squeaker.’
    • ‘Add a selection of rattles, squeakers and bells approximately every third section (try not to put them too close to one another).’
    • ‘It's all fun until someone chews a squeaker out of their Bush or Kerry pet toy.’
    • ‘It sounds a little like a child's soft toy (obviously one with a squeaker in it).’
    1. 1.1British A young pigeon.
      as modifier ‘the pigeon society has made £1,800 from two squeaker sales’
      • ‘I often kept squeakers (baby pigeons) I'd stolen from nests high in the gutters of blocks of flats and two-storey houses'’
  • 2North American informal A competition or election won or likely to be won by a narrow margin.

    ‘it looks like it will be a squeaker which could go either way’
    • ‘My gut feeling at the moment, which is almost as worthless as the polls, is that the first half of the ballot will be a squeaker, hinging on which side is more motivated to actually cast ballots.’
    • ‘A formerly safe seat was turned into a squeaker.’
    • ‘In the end Ottawa went on to beat Toronto in a squeaker and thumped Guelph in a 7-1 rout for the championship.’
    • ‘The Clansmen won a squeaker on December 16, 2001 in Tacoma Washington defeating the University of Puget Sound 78-77.’
    • ‘Lou, it isn't just the presidential race that's the squeaker here.’