Definition of squawky in English:


adjectivesquawkier, squawkiest

  • (of a voice) loud and harsh.

    ‘their voices are high and birdlike and squawky’
    • ‘The galah is another of Australia's many parrots, and its reputation for being not only squawky but also not very bright, gave rise to the Oz slang term for a fool.’
    • ‘The playing is very, very sloppy, but that only seems to make the song even more fun, and the squawky sax at the end is less intrusive and irritating than "Oh Bondage".’
    • ‘His sax playing is rough, squawky and vocalised.’
    • ‘Rather than have a recording of an actual dolphin, the Byrds decided to simply mimic the clicky, squawky noise with one of those new-fangled synthesisers.’
    • ‘Other than possums we were surrounded by weird, long legged, fat squawky birds, and the odd giant cockroach and killer crocodile.’
    • ‘Much of their previous work was either bouncy, drum filled, squawky pop-mania, or simple protracted acoustic meanderings.’
    • ‘As a gawky, squawky teenager with no friends, desperate to distance herself from her parents, she took a part-time job in a library.’
    • ‘The Rainbow lorikeet is as squawky as it is beautiful.’
    • ‘He puts on an appalling high-pitched Australian squawky voice.’
    harsh, raucous, strident, piercing, shrill, ear-piercing, screeching, squawking, squeaky, sharp
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