Definition of squawfish in English:



  • A large predatory freshwater fish of the carp family, with a slender body and large mouth, found in western North America.

    Genus Ptychocheilus, family Cyprinidae: several species, in particular the northern squawfish (P. oregonensis)

    • ‘Mercury occurred in concentrations above acceptable limits in rainbow trout and northern squawfish from Okanagan Lake and in northern squawfish from Skaha and Osoyoos Lakes.’
    • ‘The northern squawfish also preys effectively on game fish, and often becomes the dominant species in reservoirs, despite biologists’ efforts to limit their population size.’
    • ‘With its large mouth and torpedo-shaped body, the Colorado squawfish is an efficient predator on other fishes.’
    • ‘When this and other squawfish spawn in the upper Gunnison River, their young are carried downstream by the current and may spill over the Redlands Diversion Dam.’
    • ‘In my search across the internet, I have yet to come across anyone who fly fishes for squawfish.’


Late 19th century: from squaw + fish.