Definition of squatterdom in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • People occupying Crown land in order to graze livestock, regarded as a social group or class.

    ‘the bourgeoisie began to upset squatterdom's domination when they changed the land laws’
    • ‘The new constitution extended electoral boundaries to the outer reaches of squatterdom.’
    • ‘A perpetual squatterdom would be a perpetual disgrace to our science of colonisation.’
    • ‘Men occupying official positions in the graziers' associations came with a powerful whiff of squatterdom.’
    • ‘The European settler demand for labour was to a large extent satisfied through squatterdom rather than wage labour.’
    • ‘They were ready to take that step forward from the crude improvisations of the pioneer into the splendours of squatterdom.’


Mid 19th century: from squatter + -dom.