Definition of squatter camp in English:

squatter camp


South African
  • another term for shackland
    • ‘‘I don't know nothing about Aids, except that if I get it, it will kill me,’ says Nkwana as she washes her family's faded clothes outside their tiny shack in a dirty squatter camp in Ivory Park outside Johannesburg.’
    • ‘Actually, Freedom Park is no longer a squatter camp as most people usually refer to the settlement.’
    • ‘My name is Mngadi Mabankwe from plot 81 in the Princess squatter camp.’
    • ‘Today I accompanied two Axis artists to a happening in a squalid squatter camp in downtown Johannesburg.’
    • ‘The outbreak seems to have been triggered when one local authority started charging for the use of tap water in a squatter camp, forcing poor people in it to use nearby rivers for drinking water and sewage disposal.’
    • ‘They see an open space and build a squatter camp there, and then these mushroom.’
    • ‘On the eastern outskirts of the City of Bulawayo, on a derelict piece of land not far off the main Bulawayo-Harare Road, there stands a small squatter camp.’
    • ‘And then, my neighbour's best friend took his rubbish to the dump - and was shot dead while driving past a squatter camp.’
    • ‘Young said the action was motivated by revenge, as Kolisi and his brother had been involved in a dispute in 1995 over keeping pigs in the squatter camp.’
    • ‘He revisits a squatter camp outside Johannesburg, interviews a traditional faith healer and meets patients and staff at a clinic in Rustenburg.’
    • ‘‘When there is a problem at a squatter camp, she is the first there,’ he adds.’
    • ‘Jammed between Vissershok and Caltex are Dunoon township and Doornbach squatter camp.’
    • ‘The township is a sprawling shanty town and squatter camp hidden by the bush.’
    • ‘This squatter camp is situated in the struggling heart of the Deep South.’
    • ‘The mother of the young victim, who lives in a nearby squatter camp, recalled the terrible evening when her daughter was afraid to disclose what had happened to her after receiving death threats from her attacker.’
    • ‘But she's a single woman living in a squatter camp.’
    • ‘A school from a squatter camp in Soweto has beaten the odds to register one of the highest matric pass rates in the country.’
    • ‘Masiphumelele sprouted up in the early eighties as an unnamed squatter camp for unemployed Africans and those working for whites in Cape Town.’
    • ‘Somehow he missed the pole and the car plummeted from the off ramp, landing nose first on the outskirts of a squatter camp.’
    • ‘Martha Shopane from the squatter camp makes a simple point: ‘This place has been invaded by rodents.’’