Definition of squat thrust in English:

squat thrust


  • An exercise in which the legs are thrust backwards to their full extent from a squatting position with the hands on the floor.

    • ‘Those vying for the titles huffed and puffed their way through a breath-taking range of competitions, including a 1000m cycle, 2000m run, 2000m row, 1000m cross-training, 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and 100 squat thrusts.’
    • ‘It feels like doing squat thrusts with a weight bar in the gym.’
    • ‘Warm up by doing jumping jacks or squat thrusts or jumping rope, or any type of calisthenic exercise, until you begin to feel ‘warm.’’
    • ‘On a training pitch beside a territorial army barracks, Bradford's small squad of players do squat thrusts under strong Yorkshire sunshine.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the first test was not one of driving experience or skills, but how many squat thrusts and press-ups could be completed in five minutes.’


squat thrust