Definition of square dance in English:

square dance


  • A country dance of US origin that starts with four couples facing one another in a square, with the steps and movements shouted out by a caller.

    • ‘Once a year, they close the place down and have a square dance in the main street.’
    • ‘At a dude ranch, you can enjoy home cooked meals, cookouts, wagon rides, fishing, and square dances.’
    • ‘More than half the states have designated a state dance or folk dance, and it is the same one, the square dance.’
    • ‘She looked like she had just stepped out of a square dance, boots and all.’
    • ‘We wanted to do a square dance too but we couldn't find a caller.’


[no object]often as noun square dancing
  • Participate in a square dance.

    ‘I learned square-dancing at the age of 68’
    • ‘The only thing the public school system taught me in junior high was how to square dance.’
    • ‘The traditional music of white Australia and ‘bush dancing,’ which has been described as similar to square-dancing without a caller, are also popular.’
    • ‘He participated in the students' social life, going to their parties and inviting them to his home for square dancing.’
    • ‘One committee member's love of square-dancing sparked an idea to form a square-dancing club that will perform during the celebrations.’
    • ‘It was an upbeat country song, and Zack was trying to teach Tanya how to square dance.’


square dance