Definition of square cut in English:

square cut


  • A cut hit square on the offside.

    • ‘Bob Cowper was a strong left-handed batsman who scored all around the wicket, but had a preference to square cuts, hooks and deft leg glances.’
    • ‘There was a delay when a square cut from Tendulkar hit a pigeon on the outfield.’
    • ‘Then Vaughan smacks a glorious square cut to the boundary.’
    • ‘Fleming reached his half-century from 46 balls, including a loft square cut which sailed over backward point for six.’
    • ‘Javed Omar was playing the anchor role, happy to bat within his limits and occasionally unleashing his favourite square cut.’


  • with object Hit (the ball) with a square cut.

    ‘at Lord's he once square-cut Jack Durston’
    • ‘He did the same next ball, then square-cut a three, making 11 off Giffen's six-ball over.’
    • ‘Hunt let the first ball go by, then square-cut the second with great majesty.’