Definition of square-rigger in English:



  • A square-rigged sailing ship.

    • ‘For square-riggers, the island had a perfect strategic location for control of the island chain to the south, and it had, in English Harbour, one of the world's most protected anchorages.’
    • ‘‘People love ‘tall ships’ of course,’ Cullivan says pointing to a 300-foot square-rigger of 1886 moored at the pier.’
    • ‘But the men who rounded the Horn in the old square-riggers were really tough guys and the Association of Cape Horners adopted the albatross as its symbol.’
    • ‘We'd boarded the five-masted square-rigger Royal Clipper about 12 hours earlier, but my first evening afloat was shrouded in a somewhat hazy glow.’
    • ‘In 2001, an exact replica of Capt. James Cook's famous square-rigger was launched with a modern crew to retrace the most perilous leg of his historic voyage of discovery from Australia to Indonesia.’