Definition of squamulose in English:



Botany Zoology
  • See squamule

    • ‘Lichens in the genus Cladonia have squamulose bases and often have fruticose fruiting structures called podetia.’
    • ‘This lichen has a scale-like squamulose structure but also produces erect stalked cups termed podetia.’
    • ‘Neophyllis melacarpa is a squamulose lichen from the wet forests of southeast Australia and New Zealand which grows on rotting wood and tree trunk bases.’
    • ‘In foliose lichens, there is a second cortex below the medulla, but in crustose and squamulose lichens, the medulla is in direct contact with the underlying substrate, to which the lichen is attached.’
    • ‘In crustose and squamulose lichens there is no lower cortex.’